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John Renton Chamber Organ

A rare and exceptionally fine chamber organ circa 1860-70, case and works by John Renton of Edinburgh, Scotland. The organ was originally in Fingass Castle, Scotland. Sometime in the 30ís it was moved to a church in the village of Halkirk. Vandals broke into the church in the 1970ís and smashed most of the pipe work. In 1996 an American organ builder purchased the instrument and had it crated and sent to Maine. He had planned to rebuild the organ for a church there, however, the project proved to be beyond his capacity.

Thomas R. Thomas purchased the organ in 2006 from an auction house in Concord, New Hampshire. It languished in his barn for several years until Jeremy Cooper, a local organ builder, saw the case setup in Thomasís barn. He convinced Thomas that he could restore the chest and fabricate any missing action parts and they could bring the instrument back to life. The parts were moved to Cooperís shop and the case and key desk were sent out to be restored.

Old pipes from several New England organ builders were racked on the chest and a new reservoir was fabricated by Jeremy. Stop knobs matching the remaining old ones were imported from England and engraved in the original nomenclature. In 2012 the mahogany and gilt trim case, mechanics and pipes all came together and the organ speaks once again from John Rentonís magnificent casework!

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Console Highlights

• Stopped Diapason Bass
Stopped Diapason Treble
• Aeoline Treble
• Open Diapason Treble
• 4' Principal
• 4' Flute Treble
• 2' Fifteenth
• 300 pipes
• Self contained Laukhuff .25 horsepower blower