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Wind Pressure:
Ear Depth:
Languid Bevel:
Material: 1-12 Zinc, 13-85 Spotted
Slotting: Yes
Ratio to Top of Slot:
Ratio of Slot Width:
Tuner Style: Scroll
Compass: 1-85
# Roller Beards:

Pipe# C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7
Scale 6" 3" 2.25" 1.9" 1.7" 1.5" 14mm
Mouth Width Ratio              
Mouth Width mm              
Cut Up mm              
Cut Up Ratio              
# nicks in languid              
Tuned Lengthcm              
Total Pipe Height" 133            
Toe Hole Dia mm              
Roller Beard Dia mm              
Wind Way mm              
Metal Thickness mm              
Hook Heights"              


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16' Trompette
• Schantz
• 6" scale
• 85 pipes

• $5499 + shipping/handling

• KC04.12-14