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St. Clement's

Philadelphia, PA
IV Manual Custom Terrace Style Tilting Tablet Console
118 Side Jamb Controls
36 Coupler Controls
100 Ranks

This extremely custom console was desinged in cooperation with Peter Richard Conte, Grand Court Organist for the historic Wanamaker instrument in Philadelphia. With the flair of that instrument in mind, the console is curved jamb with Tilting Tablet control. In addition to the traditional shoe style expression control, each manual has independent thumb slide controls for expression function to allow an orchestral style of performance.

The console is placed in the historic structure of St. Clement's Episcopal Church in Philadelphia which is a registered building. As such, the marble pit allocated for the previous console could not be modified without a myriad of paperwork and extreme expense. The console was designed to allow the base and Pedalboard to be fit within the dimensional restrictions of the organ pit while the overhang of the top allocated room for the larger curved terraces. The lines of the exterior panels allows the upper and lower portions of the case to visually blend when viewed from the Nave.

The console was modified in 2012 to allow for the addition of Whitelegg-Moller Opus 6136 as an Echo organ. The Moller instrument was completely renovated and installed by Curt Mangel, Bard Wickkiser and Rick Tomlinson as a combination Chapel/Echo instrument. The console was expanded to allow complete operation of both Chancel and Echo Organs. The Chapel has an independent II Manual console for operation of the instrument.

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