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Cameron Carpenter

Custom V Manual Terrace Console
Custom 42 Note Pedalboard
180 Stops
Custom M&O Tonal Resources

Custom doesn't begin to define this extreme specialty "World Touring Organ" designed and constructed in cooperation with Cameron Carpenter.

Cameron came to us with a wish list of a dream console that would be able to travel with him to various venues around the world. After extensive consultation, we engineered and offered a "modular" console which met his criteria of breaking down into six travel cases, easy to transport and uncomplicated to reassembly quickly on site.

The console is extremely stable although it has a 44 note Pedalboard with no center kneepanel support in order to allow for proper camera angles to focus on Cameron's exceptional pedal technique. The unit is secured to pedestal style uprights providing exceptional stability.

A one of a kind success story that is serving him well in his exceptional meteoric rise in international popularity.

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