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Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine

St. Augustine, FL
New III Manual and Pedal Gallery Organ with Operational Control of Main Chancel Organ
177 Stop Controls - 94 Gallery - 83 Chancel
55 Couplers - 28 Gallery - 27 Chancel
Gallery - 74 Ranks
Chancel - 56 Ranks
Project Included Modification of Chancel Console to Control Chancel and Gallery Organs

The relocation of the Choir to a newly designed and built loft at the rear of the Sanctuary required an instrument to properly support the voices in this new location.

It was decided early on that the new console should have the resources to control both the Gallery Organ and the existing Chancel Organ. In addition, the existing Chancel console was to be renovated to allow it to control the Gallery Organ along with the existing Chancel instrument. Since there was neither floor space nor structural support for pipes, the Gallery Organ is completed with Walker digital.

The new console was affectionately named "Big Mama" by the church organist due to the sheer number of controls on the sleek III Manual console. With a double row coupler rail and eleven divisions, it bears the name well.

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