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Christ Church United Methodist Church

Ft. Lauderdale, FL
IV Manual Renovate Casavant Console
New Interior
107 Stop Controls
27 Coupler Controls
101 Ranks

The renovation and addition to this beautiful Casavant Instrument has provided an expanded tonal palette to an already reasonable instrument. The overall additions provide both extension of the harmonic range of the instrument along with exceptional increase in the dynamic structure of the instrument. The experience and vision of the Minister of Music spearheaded this project and followed it through to its successful completion.

The console modifications provided for the 35 stop expansion of the instrument which included an all new Solo Division sharing the fourth manual. The solo division required the modification of the kneepanel and toe bolsters to provide proper AGO placement for an additional expression shoe. This also allowed correction of an issue regarding relational dimensions between the manual and pedalboard which were brought about during a previous renovation. The console operates with a new Walker combination system and features 200 levels of memory.

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