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Church of the Servant

Wilmington, NC
II Manual Tablet Style Open Contemporary Console
48 Stops
10 Couplers
16 Ranks

This exceptional little organ was designed and developed from two existing instrument to provide a positive, complete instrument for this small Episcopal Church at a modest price.

Their exsiting "home built" organ was failing and efforts to revive it were not considered to be good stewardwhip. However, they had some excellent pipe resources and these were placed on new windchests and combined with an existing Delaware Instrument that had been a memorial to Alice M. Colby and installed in the now closed St. Edmund's R.C. Church in Tonawanda.

The organ was completely redesigned in an extremely contemporary style and expanded with a vintage 16' Principal and a new 8' Hautbois. The pipework from both the Delaware Organ and their previous instrument were complete revoiced. This instrument now presents itself as an exceptionally versatile organ that provides complete support for their congregational worship as well as a positive resource for playing all literature.

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