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Corinth Reformed

Hickory, NC
New Organ
IV Manual Drawknob Console
120 Stop Controls
21 Couplers
80 Ranks

This wonderful installation has the luxury of being in excellent acoustical environment.

The new Facade carries the bass of the 16' Violone along with 8' Great Montre and 8' Pedal Principal. The striking display allows the organ to speak freely down the main axis of the building. In addition, the expressive divisions are fit with shades on two sides of each box to allow them to speak forward as well as angularly across the Chancel.

The organ is a combination of quality pipework which was retained and revoiced from the original 1959 Moller Organ in combination with an abundance of new pipework. The renovated pipework has been completely rescaled to properly blend in ensemble and accomplishes its goal with excellence.

The dynamic range of this instrument is stunning from the soft, warm strings to the full bodied, bold Principal ensembles. A totally seamless crescendo is possible giving testimony to the overall versatility of the tonal resources.

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