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Disney Theatre

Hollywood, FL
IV Manual Renovated San Francisco Fox Wurlitzer Console
357 Stops
39 Couplers
37 Ranks

This dramatic project has been received exceptionally well. Originaly intended to grace the renovated El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood for use only during the introduction of premiere movies, the organ is now used prior to every showing daily. The response has been overwhelming and far greater than anticipated.

The Theater was renovated within the restrictions of the preservation society to allow for the installation of the organ. Originally located in the San Francisco Fox, the organ had been in storage prior to moving to a noted theater organ expert. The organ was rebuilt and installed by this firm while we were charged with the complete renovation and modernization of the organ console.

In keeping with strict guidelines, the organ was refinished with gold flake multi-coat and fitting with all new electric action. A new solid state system was installed to operate the combination system and switching action for the organ. In addition to being able to operate via MIDI, the console was required to conform to and operate from SMPTE time code used by the movie industry for complete control of the instrument operation. While a challenge to complete, it was a joy to work with the Disney "imagineers" on this project to a successful conclusion.

This instrument stands up to the rigors of multiple performances daily and continues to serve both the theatre and the community.

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