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Epiphany Cathedral

Venice, FL
New IV Manual Custom Designed Drawknob Console
132 Stop Controls
24 Couplers
99 Ranks

This stunning installation was several years in negotiation. The existing instrument was placed in a loft behind the chancel with limited forward speaking ability. The choir was located well below and to the side of the main axis of organ sound and, therefore, had extremely limited support from the instrument. In addition, the used console that was fit to the existing organ was failing at an alarming rate. The church musician was saddled with weekly mechanical surprises and still forward motion on repair, or replacement, was difficult. Finally, an advocate in the diocese came forward and began to move the project through proper channels.

A major expansion of the organ was proposed and approved which included three stunning carved cases with a full 16' Principal in the display. The third case, a new "Nave Organ" was placed on the wall immediately above the choir to allow for complete and proper support. While tonally exiciting, the major improvement was the ability to properly support the choir and congreational singing. The new instrument has brought a singular positive support to participation in Worship.

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