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Kravis Center for the Performing Arts

West Palm Beach, FL
V Manual Extremely Custom Console
200 Stop Controls
55 Coupler Controls
82 Ranks

This exceptional instrument was built as a near duplicate of the console we constructed for Cameron Carpenter as his International Touring Organ. The main distinctions were that it is a fixed console while the ITO was designed to break down into "travel cases" for transportation around the world. In addition, this instrument had a standard 32 note pedalboard while the ITO organ featured a custom designed and built 44 note pedalboard. Beyond that, the consoles are copies of one another.

The digital portions of the instrument were built by Marshall and Ogletree with their technicians installing the organ in the Kravis Center. If you refer to the Marshall and Ogletree website, you will find audio details as well as recordings of this fine installation.

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