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Munsey UMC

Johnson City, TN
III Manual Custom Colonial Drawknob Console
63 Stop Controls
15 Coupler Controls
59 Ranks

This new organ in a beautiful sanctuary is a tribute to the long serving musicians of Munsey Memorial. When the older, modified Wicks organ was devastated due to a major water issue, the church was faced with several choices on how they wished to proceed. Their commitment to the pipe organ and quality music led to the decision to provide a new instrument using limited pipe resources salvaged from the previous Wicks installation.

The new organ was designed bearing in mind the limitations of the split chancel installation which restricted egress of the organ into the room. The Great plenum is all new pipework and provides an excellent base for the instrument. There are minimal digital stops to provide exceptional resources when the need arises to allow the organ to speak more fulling into the room from the split chancel location.

The organ also has a beautiful Antiphonal Pipe Trumpet that is utilized to balance the main organ and draw it into the main nave. The Trumpet serves this function very well and allows excellent support to congregational singing.

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