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St. Anthony's RC

Ft. Lauderdale, FL
IV Manual Highly Custom Drawknob Console
113 Drawknob Controls
24 Tilting Tablet Controls
91 Ranks

This exceptional installation is the result of many years focus and research on providing an excellent instrument to enhance worship at St. Anthony's Church. After many plans and proposals from a variety of firms, the church determined that our firm was best suited to meet their needs. The project was undertaken by working hand in hand with the church musician to develop the perfect specification.

The dramatic casework of the instrument spreads across the east wall of the church on multiple planes. The Great Principals are placed on one side of the entrance with Flutes on the opposite side. The center holds the Pedal division with excellent reflection from the solid wall behind.

The effect of the instrument, with an independent Sanctuary Division, is stunning in the room. The goals of St. Anthony's have most assuredly been met with this exciting new instrument.

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