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St. Edward's Roman Catholic

Palm Beach, FL
III Manual Custom Drawknob Console
71 Stop Controls
15 Coupler Controls
42 Ranks

This historic church was attended by John F. Kennedy when he was in residence in Palm Beach. It has hosted many dignitaries from around the world.

The building, construction in 1926 was home to a Kilgen Organ installed in 1938 by a crew headed by Alfred George Kilgen himself. The instrument served the congregation wonderfully for 75 years before major work was required. The console was replaced by a south Florida builder in the late '90's with one built by R.A. Colby, Inc. At that time, digital additions were made to provide a mixture and mutations to the well voiced instrument.

An unfortunate fire in the Gallery damaged the console and the south Florida builder was no longer available. R.A. Colby, Inc. was called in to consult on the direction to be taken. It was obvious that the organ was showing its years and major mechanical work was on the horizon. The windchest action was older ventil style and was having issues. In discussions with the Pastor, R.A. Colby was directed to "make a recommendation so that the church doesn't have to look at any further repairs to the organ."

As a result, we recommended that the existing 1938 Kilgen pipework be retained and a new organ built beneath it. The new mechanical components were designed to allow much better service access to the instrument and a revised layout was completed to allow improved service for the installation.

The original thermometer from the 1938 installation hangs proudly inside the door to the Great Chamber. It reads " Completed Dec. 14, 1938, Temperature Tuned at 67 degrees. Alf G. Kilgen, E. Kuhn, J. Malin."

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