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Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

Miami, FL
IV Skinner Drawknob Console Renovated and Expanded
158 Stop Controls
33 Coupler Controls
124 Ranks

This magnificent Cathedral was in peril due to support pilings in the Biscayne Bay sinking over the years. The entire floor of the Chancel are had to be removed and new pilings driven to secure the structure. The E.M. Skinner/Aeolian Skinner Organ was in equal peril due to its location surrounding the Chancel area. The entire organ was removed and brought to our factory for a complete renovation. The renovation of the Cathedral took three long years with many setbacks along the way.

Upon completion, the instrument was reinstalled and balanced once again within the wonderful acoustics of the room. It continues to be a landmark installation which serves the Miami area in the gracious Skinner style.

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