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U.S. Naval Academy Chapel

Annapolis, MD
V Manual Extremely Ornate Custom Drawknob Console
575 Stop Controls
59 Coupler Controls
390 Ranks

This astounding instrument speaks for itself. It has the largest drawknob console in the world controlling amazing resources. This was a multi-phased project with the original Moller Organ being completely replaced in five phases over six years. The original Moller console shell has been completely renovated and is now used as an independent Gallery console.

The first phase, a gift of the Class of 1951, included a new V Manual Console and the addition of major Walker expansion. The following years saw the complete replacement of the entire organ with new windchests, new layout, additional pipes and total revoicing of all retained pipes.

This new organ is the result of a joint collaboration between R.A. Colby, Inc. and Walker Technical. R.A. Colby completed the console, organ layout, organ construction, pipe installation and pipe tonal finishing. Walker Technical completed the digital voices and digital tonal finishing.

This amazing project continues to morph as minor modifications and additions are continuing to be made through the years.

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