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First Presbyterian

Pompano, FL
IV Manual Custom Drawknob Console
194 Stop Controls
39 Couplers Controls
138 Ranks

The renovation of this spectacular instrument was completed in phases over 5 years from 2012 through 2017 through the dedicated efforts of Mark Jones, the Minister of Music at the "Pink Church" for 22 years. Mark lost a courageous battle with cancer on Christmas Eve 2017 shortly after seeing his legacy project come to fruition.

A very gracious donor started the process with the addition of an Antiphonal Organ designed with an extremely striking casework. The case included a 73 note 16' Violon/Principal unit that provides the foundation for a digital Antiphonal division. This was followed by renovation and releathering of the original components of the main organ. The additions done by the Bunn-Minnick Company did not require renovation at that time.

The mechanical renovation phase was followed by the addition of a new console and complete replacement of the previous control system. A new Walker solid state system was installed with tonal expansion throughout the instrument in digital format.

The organ now contains 138 speaking ranks between the main and antihponal organs. The console provides 194 Stop Controls and IV Manuals.

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