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Glendale Seventh Day Adventist

Glendale, CA
IV Custom Designed Drawknob Console
189 Stop Controls
45 Coupler Controls
140 Ranks

This beautiful new instrument was designed by Allen Harrah for installation in the Glendale Seventh Day Adventist Church. The all new organ speaks clearly on the main axis of the church and offers exceptional power with the resources of a First and Second Diapasons along with a Principal on the main Great Plenum.

The instrument has exceptional dynamic and harmonic range with both Orchestral and String Divisions available through the digital complement. There is also a strong Solo Division which is home based on the fourth manual but may be coupled as desired. The complete Pedal, with a 64' Gravissima, has significant power to provide a clear, counterpoint Pedal line to even the largest manual registrations.

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