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Moody Bible Institute

Chicago, IL
IV Manual Custom Designed Drawknob Console
182 Stop Controls
33 Coupler Controls
130 Ranks - 21 Ranks Prepared in Addition to current total

This multi-phase project is focused on the renovation of Moller Opus 8700 which had served Moody Bible Institute in the Torrey-Gray Auditorium since 1955.

The first phase consisted of mechanical work replacing the mechanical switching with new solid state materials. The organ was completely rewired and tied into a new Walker digital control system. The project budget limited the ability to renovate the entire instrument, so the Great, Positiv and portions of the Pedal were selected for initial work. These divisions were reconfigured with renovation as well as construction of new windchests. The Facade of the organ was modified and the display pipes repainted. A new console and digital additions were also a portion of this first phase.

The second phase, which is yet to be completed, includes the renovation of the Swell, Choir and Solo divisions along with the addition of a new "Gospel" division. This division is based on the Kimball organ removed from Studio B of WMBI, the radio broadcast arm of Moody Bible Institute. The organ is currently in storage awaiting the funding of the second phase.

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