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St. John's Episcopal Cathedral

Jacksonville, FL
IV Manual Detailed Skinner Style Drawknob Console
210 Stop Controls
30 Coupler Controls
104 Ranks

This complete renovation, expansion and revoicing of Austin Opus 2682 from 1984 has become a stellar example of utilizing quality base materials to build an enhanced, cohesive instrument which will provide generations of service to the congregation. The review of the instrument called for tonal additions to round out the manual ensembles and broaden the harmonic and dynamic range of the instrument.

In addition, a new Antiphonal Organ, called the West Organ, was designed and installed to provide superb support for congregational singing as well as a foil to the main organ. The West Organ is placed is a beautiful sweeping case bracketed by stained glass windows. It is a stunning visual and aural addition of 16 Ranks to the main organ.

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